Tuesday, 4 February 2014

8.5 Homework

Create your own Prince Rupert propaganda poster.  This can either be positive or negative and should use some of the persuasive techniques studied in lesson.

Due Thursday 13th Feb

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

8.4 Tudor Crime Watch homework

You are Mayor of a town in 1543 and it is your job to warn the locals of the dangers in the town.
Create a leaflet warning the residents of the types of criminals operating in the local area. 
You could also give advice to help locals avoid becoming victims

Due in Friday 13th December 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

8.4 Essay planning

Your planning sheets need to be completed and bought to lesson on Friday.  If you are stuck then see me in H4 before Friday

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

8.5 Homework

You must complete your essay planning sheet for next lesson in order to use it to help you write your assessment essay.  If you need help please come and see me in H4 before the due date.

Due Thursday 21st Nov

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

8.5 Spanish Armada Homework

You must create a storyboard to show the events of the Spanish Armada.  You should use your exercise book and complete your own research to help you complete this task.

Your storyboard MUST have a minimum of 6 boxes to it.

Due in Thursday 17th October.